Hello citizens of Vermilion Parish.  I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Eddie Langlinais, and I’m seeking the office of Sheriff for Vermilion Parish.  I know it’s early with the election not taking place until November 2023, but I wanted you to know who I am and my desire to be your next sheriff.

I was born and raised in Vermilion Parish.  I am the son of Noicy and Verlie Langlinais of Delcambre. I have one brother, Tracy, and one sister, Hope, who both live in Vermilion Parish.

I am a 1979 graduate of Delcambre High School.

I was blessed to marry my best friend, Lyndi Albert, in 1985.  We live in Delcambre. We are very proud of our two children, DeLannie and Jeric.  My daughter DeLannie is married to Tren Delcambre and has blessed Lyndi and I with our grandson, Trey.

My career path started in 1981 when I began working as a patrol deputy with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office.  I was immediately hooked into a life of public service where I quickly advanced to the rank of patrol sergeant.  During my time at the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office, I attended the Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy. 

I moved back home to Vermilion Parish in 1984 when I worked for Sheriff Ray Lemaire at the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office in a supervisory role as a patrol lieutenant.  I loved working in Vermilion Parish and was drawn to the hard-working lifestyles of the people of Vermilion Parish.

While excited to be working for the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office, I felt I might be able to expand and advance my level of skills and knowledge of law enforcement if I could obtain a position with the United States Federal Government.  I pursued a career with the United States Marshals Service to serve the people of our great nation and perhaps someday bring my experience back to Vermilion Parish.  Through a lengthy process of testing and interviews, I was hired by the United States Marshals in 1991. I attended the United States Marshal's Service TrainingAcademy where I graduated among the top of my class at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. I then began my federal law enforcement career in New Orleans as a Deputy United States Marshal.

Working for the United States Marshals on the streets of New Orleans was a far cry from my previous exposure to law enforcement, but I quickly acclimated and worked with the best of the best at putting the worst of the worst in jail.

In 1994, I eventually found my way to Lafayette which was closest to home.  I remained in the Lafayette office until 2015 when I retired as a Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal.

During my career with the United States Marshals, I achieved numerous accolades for my performance both as a Deputy and a Supervisor. 

In 2015, after retiring from the United States Marshals, I utilized my knowledge and skills to form Corporate Security Consultant LLC to offer my security analysis and solutions to compromised areas to private and government institutions.

In 2017, I was hired by the Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry to join his security protection detail.

Later in 2017, because of my Law Enforcement background, knowledge and relationships, I was sought after and hired by a Chicago based firm to oversee a local highly controversial project as a Senior Security Risk Manager.  The project spanned from southwest Louisiana to southeast Louisiana and encompassed 11 parishes including Vermilion Parish.  Because of the professional and personal relationships I created throughout my career, I was able to successfully complete this project without incident.

In 2019, I was asked by Iberia Parish’s newly elected Sheriff Tommy Romero to join his senior management team to assist him in restructuring the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office.  Because of my leadership, knowledge and experience and multiagency relationships, I’ve been instrumental in getting Sheriff Romero’s department on the right path and moving forward.

I want to end my introduction by saying that I believe the current administration has done a commendable job of advancing the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office to where it is today.  The men and women that work for the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office are obviously proud to wear the uniform. 

In moving forward and thinking about today’s environment, I know a change is needed with experienced law enforcement leadership.  I am Eddie Langlinais, and I am the change needed for Vermilion Parish.